No one was gayer than Christ
That I know is true
Don't believe me?
Well screw you
He spoke of all things good
And all things grand
Never raised his voice
Nor his inviting hands
He taught the Path to Heaven
And the Evil of Sin
Brought food to the hungry
And the thirsty gin
Gave sight to the blind
Voice to the mute
And His men were mesmerized
Cause He was extremely cute

"I came I came
So Hell thou art not fear
I have words to share with thee
Thus thou shalt think me queer
Keep thyself free of wickedness
For I am the son of God
Granting all a second chance
Dost thou still think me odd?
I love thee my children
But I will soon bid adieu
Be good Be kind
I shall die only once for you
Happy happy
Joy joy
I can't wait
Oh boy Oh boy"

Through the course of his life
He showed that he was sent
And with all the pain He suffered
He still remained content
Love was His motto
Forgiveness was His way
Bloody tears He did shed
But He was always gay