Do Not Forget Me

It's hard to imagine you leaving.

Your due date is far away yet so close all the same.

I thought that we would have more time.

Now you tell me that while I have been here,

Waisting my time on impressing you,

That I didn't have to, you noticed me already.

the comment may not not have meant much to you,

But it means the world and more to me.

So I would like to say thank you.

Thank you for always being there when I needed you most.

All our memories together I will cherish always.

Locked away my brotherly love for you will stay.

I request only one thing from you before you go,

I ask my dear Prince, do not forget me.

Because I shall not forget you.

Wanting You To Stay

Who will be here for us when you leave?

Who will be here to mess with our heads as you did?

Why are you leaving everyone behind?

I understand your problem,

I know you THINK you HAVE to leave.

But all you are doing is running away,

Your problems will chase you no matter where you go.

Stay and take care of your problem.

Stay with us, and we will all try and help you.

You have to stop running and face your problems.

If there is something you need all you have to do is ask.

We all want you to know,

We all want to help,

We all want you to stay.

Alone In The Dark

I can't see you, why is that?

I can no longer hear you, why is that?

You seem so far away, no longer near me.

Where are you, and why aren't you here?

I tried to grab you before you dissapeared.

Your hand slipping away.

Now I am alone in the dark searching for an answer.

Where are you, and why aren't you here?

It's not easy being alone.

I know that from personal expierence.

It's so hard to watch you dissapear.

Where are you, and why aren't you here?

It's difficult to be on your own.

So why did you leave me in the dark,

Alone and afraid for you.

Where are you, and why aren't you here?

No More Pain

It's hard to say goodbye

How am I going to let you go?

You are my air, my way of living.

If you leave me now what will I do?

I have thought many times,

About ending my life.

All it is, is a quick slice of the wrist easy,

No more pain ever again.

Why must you hurt me so?
Pain, sorrow, hatred.
All feelings I feel when I see you.
Why must you hurt me so?
I cry myself to sleep,
Knowing I can never have you.
Knowing that someone else will always come before me.
Why must you leave me this way?
Always about you, never me.
Do you think of me?
Do you lay awake at night, after crying for hours on end?
Thinking will I see her tomorrow?
Will you actually notice me?
I always wonder what it would be like for you to hold me as you hold others
you enjoy being with.
Did it ever occur to you that I would love to feel what they feel?
The love, passion, the happiness.
I didn't know happiness until you.
I have never known love until you.
I have never known passion until you.
So why?
Why must you hurt me so?

Why do you help us?
What is it that you want us to know?
Is it the truth or is it lies?
People will look at you,
Stare into the void of no return.
Angry at the truth,
They will throw you away.
But you haven't done anything,
You think to your self as you shatter.
Now you lay broken,
Pieces of your beautiful faces,
Strewn all over the floor.
A person will look at you now,
What will they see?
Will they see the lies once again?
Or will it be the truth,
That they are afraid of?

Why does it have to rain?

A cold day, clouds rumbling,
With the oncoming storm.
The day was a sad memory,
Tears falling down my eyes,
Mixed with wet black streak.
As I look out the window.
A hand under my chin
As I watch the drops fall from the sky?
"Why do I feel this way?"
Is what I remember saying.
"Why does it have to rain?"
I had come to school a smile on my face,
The sun out and shining, as I waited for him.
He came tome without a kiss or a hug
"It's over, your not what I was looking for."
Is what he said before he turned and walked away.
So now I sit here remembering those few words
And ask myself, "Why do I feel this way?"
"Why . does it have to rain?"

What Kind of Person are You?
What kind of person are you?
Do you think others in need of help?
Or do you laugh and joke, hurting us to the core?
I am a person in need of help
Will you ...a person,
Help me as I have helped others?
I am a person, who will not laugh at others,
But at myself
Will you ...a person,
Laugh at yourself and not others?
I am a person that cares for those around me,
Trying to make a blue day go away.
Will you ...a person,
Care for those around?
Will you make a blue day go away?
What kind of person are you?

Both sets of muscles moved with exquisite grace.
Thrusting and pulling, faster and faster.
The wind pulls at my hair,
Tangling it into a mass of wild brunette curls.
Thundering of the hoof beats,
As they hit the moist soil.
Tearing up the dewy fresh green grass.
The smell tangy but sweet flowing up to my nostrils.
The beast's nostrils flare and close once more,
His breathing intensifies as we move together even faster.
Stroking the long thick, silky texture of his main
Trying to stay upon the raging beast.
Pulling it so he will slow,
And tightening your grip so he will move faster.
Sweat glistened on his back legs,
And his coat making it look a dark blue,
But I knew it was a beautiful midnight black.
The heaviness of my breathing mixing with the blacks,
As I finally felt the rush of speed I had been waiting for.
I feel the trust coming from the black
I feel the beast inside settling no longer putting u a fight.
And I know now that I and the black are

You Left Me
You left me here trapped
In this tiny room.
The bruise on my face growing darker
And the blood between my thighs hardening.
You left me here helpless
Not knowing what to think
All along knowing that no one cared
Enough to look for me.
You left me here hurting
From your brutal attack,
The most vulnerable part on me
You took with greed.
You left me here dying
Slowly with agony,
Never to see my friends or family
Ever again.