you're stupid; you're dumb.
totally useless little fool!
don't act all angelic with me.
you're a bad lot and you know it.

(did you fall for it?
come on, you've read theboycalledit.)

now look there, HE'S an angel.
he's smarter strongercuter better.
cower! grovel! but don't cry;
you've stained my carpet crimson.

(don't cry dear; you're special.
hold your head high)

oh, look how your eyes blaze!
hatred? malice? envy? (do i care?)
revel in your sin; wrap it nicely
with a big silkyribbon, (naked is ugly).

(don't listen! cover your ears.
just throw away that apple)

creep up behind him (bequiet!)
strike with precision (medulla oblongata)
shake hands with your reaper friend,
you're not so useless after all!

(too late; that moment of folly.
now you're gone, lost)

or are you? stupid fool!
you can return to your new home.
chat with persephone and charion.
have fun, i'm returning to master iago.

Author's Note: This has to be one of my most confusing pieces. It's inspired by Shakespeare's Othello and Agatha Christie's Curtain: Poirot's Last Case and is basically a much-less-subtle description of the killing methods of Iago and Norton. I apologise for the extensive use of cross-referencing ). The Boy Called It is this story about a boy who is abused by his mother verbally and physically and somehow menaged to survive, the apple refers to Adam and Eve, the medulla oblongata is this spot in your head that contains all your nerve centers, Persephone and Charion are from Greek mythology and Iago's from Othello. Darrell commented and Omi and Ellie edited. Do R/R ).