Slow Death

Rob woke to the bring light of the overhead lamp stinging his eyes. The first thing he could feel was the immense cold. He felt as if he were in a meat locker, waiting for the butcher to come by and chop him up. This though was greeted by a more sinister reality.

He realized that he was naked, save for his wristwatch, face up in a discolored tub. He also realized that he couldn't move at all. His arms, his legs, his torso, all had been cemented to the tub some how. He could only move his head and neck, but the high sides of the tub afforded him little view of the room he was in.

What he could see was that this tub was in some kind of old building. The wood was rotting all over the place. The ceiling and walls were all wood and every few feet there was another large lamp. He could hear the dulled sound of the waves slapping against the beach and smell the salt in the air. He could tell that he was by the sea, but he didn't know where he could be.

A rustling sound caught his attention. Rob fixated his eyes and ears on the place he though he'd heard the sound originate from. It seemed to come from off to his left and far back, like the door to this large place had just opened. He was rewarded for his troubles by the sound of creaking hinges swinging back and then forth and the sound of a door rattling against it's frame. Then, the sounds of footsteps, one scraping and one solid, sounded from the corner in which he'd heard the noise.

He knew that it was Bonesy even before he spoke. Bonesy, who got his name because of his starved appearance and obsession in Voodoo, had his leg broken once by a train and it never healed properly, giving his right leg a bit of a drag. He was a very tall, dark skinned man who had the ability to make you jump like a bulldog had just jumped the fence next door and was coming down on you. He was a kind of loner fisherman who enjoyed two things in life, his boat and spending time with his sister. His sister, Andrea, was the reason Rob was in this predicament.

Andrea, the little tease, was curvy in all the right places. Her tan skin and dazzling eyes gave her quite the look. She was also helplessly addicted to coke and had Rob as her only supplier. She was a dirty one, sly and slick as shit. One day a few weeks ago she came to Rob's house with a lust for some Columbian Gold but had no cash. Rob was no fool, he didn't let his customers buy on credit like some people, he hadn't the muscle to enforce his deals.

So Andrea and he made a different arrangement. At first, Andrea was timid about the idea of using her body to get to her ends, but it had all been an act to excite Rob. There were things a woman of any skill in love making would know that couldn't be easily masked. Rob knew she was no virgin. By the time it was over, Andrea walked out of his apartment with about a grand in coke.

That would have been the end of it, if Bonesy hadn't found the coke on her. Andrea stupidly left the coke in her room where Bonesy had found it when he went in to talk to her. Rob had heard from other people how it all happened from there. Apparently, in order to get off the hook for the coke, Andrea told Bonesy that it had been compensation, not payment, for the sex she'd had with Rob. What's worse, the lying slut had told Bonesy that she had been drugged into the act and that she was totally ashamed to do it.

It had only been pure luck that Bonesy hadn't gone to the cops. He feared cops, regardless of what they were doing, because of his past. He had spent some time in jail on murder charges. The charge had been brought down on Bonesy out of the death of his father. Bonesy said he did it because of how his father had abused his sister and mother. Bonesy had been 23 at the time and served seven years of a twenty-five to life sentence. Those seven years had been some real hard time on him.

So now, it seemed, Bonesy would come and get his revenge on Rob.

"Bonesy?" Rob asked. No sound came save for the scraping gate of the man steadily approaching. "Bonesy?"

"Ya know man," Bonesy said in his customary Jamaican accent, "Ya did a bad ting."

"Bonesy, why are you doin' this? You want to go back to jail?" Rob said.

"Ya ever seen 'ow de grind up dem fishes to make chum?" Bonesy asked.

"No, what does that have to do with anything?" Rob asked.

"Dat means dat, when I'm dun wit' you, theres gonna be nuthin left larger than me pinky." Bonesy said. Now he was standing by the tub. He leaned in over Rob and looked him directly in the eye. Bonesy's weathered face had already begun to wrinkle because years of the harsh sea, but his eyes radiated alertness. They had a strange haunting appeal that kept the viewer glued to them.

"Bonesy, why are you doing this? They'll catch you, they always do." Rob pleaded again.

"You know damn well why I be doin' dis ting. You gone an hurt my sister." Bonesy said.

"Are you nuts? She lied to you, Bonesy. I made her an offer for the coke, she accepted." Rob said.

"No, man, you forced yourself on her! You scum!" Bonesy said enraged. He reached over Rob's legs and gripped the handle for the faucet. He turned it slowly, the faucet giving a rusty creaking noise as it turned. Cold water flushed in the tub in a rush. Rob shrieked as the first of it touched his bare, exposed flesh.

Bonesy let the tub fill for a few seconds, until the water was at about Robs ears, and then he turned down the intensity of the faucet to a mere trickle. Rob's body broke out in gooseflesh at the touch of the cold water. Bonesy pulled up a chair beside Rob and brought over a small bowl of wood or some similar material. He dipped one of his long, slender fingers in the bowl and began to draw on Rob in some kind of red pigment.

"Da hell's that for, Bonesy?" Rob asked, his jaw beginning to quaver.

"After I kill ya, I'm gonna take your soul. Dare be plenty of places far worse dan de place we live. Da soul can suffer far more in death than ever in life." Bonesy said, going about his drawings.

"Why do you believe in that ridiculous voodoo anyway?" Rob snapped.

"Ya got no faith in it? How do you think I got ya 'ere?" Bonesy asked. Rob was silent, trying to remember what he had seen before he woke up in this tub. He had just been settling down for bed in his crummy apartment. The last thing he remembered doing was to turn out the bedroom light.

"You could have come in while I was asleep, dragged my body off and thrown me in the back of a truck." Rob said. Bonesy laughed, one of his deep throated, villainous laughs.

"Ye be thinkin I could drag you outta your 'ouse in the middle of the night, while you stayed asleep, and brought ya 'ere? If so, how about tellin' me why you didn't just get up outta de tub?" Bonesy asked.

"Super glue." Rob quickly replied.

"Super glue?" Bonesy said and threw his head back to laugh, "What brand do you know comes in a large enough size for me to glue an entire person?"

Rob was silent. Bonesy finished up his drawings and got up to walk around. Rob could hear him slowly pacing around the room, stopping every now and again and speaking in some low tone. While he paced, Rob was frantically searching for something that would get him out of this. He realized that Bonesy was dead set on killing him this time, it wasn't an empty threat.

Bonesy came back to the edge of the tub, this time with a stern expression on his face. He turned the water on full blast. The tub began to fill rapidly now, the water level coming from just his ears to high on his cheeks. Bonesy let the water level rise to the point where Rob had to hold his head and neck up to breath.

Bonesy found this show amusing because he stopped the flow of water completely for a moment and smiled cruelly at Rob. Then, with one of his big, skeletal hands, he forced Rob's face back down into the water. Rob panicked when he felt the cold water wash over his entire face and he desperately fought against Bonesy's iron grip. After a few moments, Bonesy let Rob up for a croaked breath of air. Bonesy laughed when he saw Rob gasping, oh how he enjoyed this.

"Bonesy, please! Don't kill me!" Rob began to beg.

"Why not?" Bonesy half considered.

"I can make you a very rich man, Bonesy, you'll never have to fish again!" Rob offered.

"Now why would I wanna give up fishin' for? It be the love of my life!" Bonesy replied and laughed. He dunked Rob's head under again and Rob fought more bitterly now. He felt his reserve weighing in the sheer reality of the cold water that he was being dunked in.

Finally, Bonesy stopped and pulled up the drain on the tub. The water level fell slowly as Bonesy shuffled away laughing to himself. Rob's first explosive breaths of air brought back the realization of the temperature of the water he was basting in. He tried to think about what to do next, or rather try to keep a thought in his head despite the mind numbing cold.

When the water had completely drained from the tub, Bonesy came back to Rob's side and reset the drain. He was still smiling his wicked looking shark's grin as he did it. Rob tried some idea off the top of his head in order to stave off his execution.

"Bonesy," Rob began through chattering teeth, "What are you going to tell the cops when they ask you about me?"

"Who said de cop gonna ask a poor old fisherman like myself about where some coke dealer went?" Bonesy replied.

Bonesy was right, though. Aside from the tenuous connection of Andrea to him, no one would ever put Bonesy with Rob. Very few people knew that Bonesy knew Andrea. Bonesy got up from his seat beside Rob and shuffled back to whatever work he found so absorbing in the other corner of the room.

Rob could all but see his fate written on the bright lamp overhead. He knew that he was going to die now and the idea frightened him. He frantically though of something, anything to push Bonesy's buttons or trick him into letting him go. Rob knew one thing, if he made it out of here alive he was going to kill Andrea for all of this mess.

Suddenly, he had an idea.

"Bonesy," Rob called, "If you're gonna kill all the men Andrea slept with, then you're going to have quite a collection of souls after this."

"What?" Bonesy replied as he shuffled over to the edge of the tub, "What did you say?"

"Oh yea, you think I'm the first? You're wrong! I'm more like twenty fifth, or 30th." Rob said.

"You lie!" Bonesy shouted.

"Really? How well do you know her, Bonesy. Is she even your biological sister, being that she's only twenty or so?"

Bonesy though about this for a moment and then said, "You be bluffin' me, mon! You're just tryin' to save your skin!"

"No Bonesy," Rob said sincerely, "I'm tryin' to open you're eyes."

"No! Quit your lies!" Bonesy said as he reached for the faucet.

"Did you find the coke?" Rob asked.

"What?" Bonesy asked, hand frozen over the faucet.

"Did you find the coke or did she show it to you?" Rob asked.

"I found it." Bonesy admitted after a moment, "What does it matter?"

"If I raped her, and then gave her all that coke, why didn't she just come to you in the first place?"

"She was scared." Bonesy guessed.

"Did she honestly look scared to you?" Bonesy was silent, "Is this how your father got it? Is this why?"

"He...he" Bonesy faltered.

"Bullshit, Bonesy. You weren't abused. Did Andrea give it to him?"

Bonesy was still silent. His face belied a sense of confusion and apprehension. Rob could see that his plan to derail Bonesy's trust in his sister was working. Bonesy stared at Rob intently, like a child with something to hide.

"She said...she said..." Bonesy tried to say, but couldn't continue. Rob continued for him.

"Did she say it, or did you catch them?" Rob prodded.

"He told me...he told me she'd..." Bonesy said, no longer able to continue.

"Told you what, Bonesy?"

"She'd seduced him! I knew it was true, but I didn't what to believe it!" Bonesy declared, now florid with the realization that his sister had lied to him. Bonesy took his hand, which had been hovering over the faucet, and banged it down hard on the tap. The force of the impact dented the metal and caused the faucet to turn on full.

"So what are you going to do now?" Rob said, encouraging him.

"Get her back for seven years." Bonesy said coldly, his eyes narrowing.

"Yea man! I'll admit she didn't seduce me, but she's none the less lecherous man!"

"Ya. I'm going after her." Bonesy said and turned to walk away.

"Whoa, wait Bonesy! What about me?" Rob pleaded. Bonesy stopped in his tracks and turned his head to look over his left shoulder. He had an evil smile on his face and the back wash from the light lent a sparkle to his eyes.

"You said it yourself, she didn't seduce you. So why should I save you?" Bonesy said and then walked away.

Rob cursed himself as the door shut. He then looked at the faucet, which was now beginning to cause the water level in the tub to rise at an alarming rate. His arms were still firmly cemented to the tub's lining. I'm going to die, He thought, and it's going to be slow.

The End.