Dare Or Truth



even if I'd wanted it

I could never have reached you


in your own cloudy world

you turned

without a sound

away into further darkness

away from me;

and maybe

I didn't care


the passage of time

an ocean, a window

new damage

sudden vision

and a light...


risk a glance

and mouths become eyes

seeing each other

for the first time


and the taste is new


a gentle rose

with thorns

of sweetest venom



dewdrops of fresh guilt

at the rising

of an angry sun


we tell ourselves

"it should never have happened"

and that it was wrong;

but are we closer

because of our fall?

it seems forever ago,

yet these black, tangled vines

choke our words

before honesty surfaces


god forbid

we know our real selves!


and still

my body throbs


with this strange onus;

not pain

but a quiet harmony

anxiety, peace,

yin and yang

humming faintly

keeping me

on the threshold of sanity