he's such a fool.

Things have been over for so long,

but he doesn't know,

or he doesn't care.

A hormonal ignoramus

just hoping to get in

one last poke

before she never

speaks to him again.

Stupid fool.

So be romantic,

make her breakfast

give her presents

cause that will make her love you-


isn't that the way it's supposed to work?

stupid, stupid fool

your putty in her hands

a bug in her web

a pet on her leash

she has you

right where she wants you

you give her attention

but ask nothing in return

except for a chance

a false chance as it may be

but a chance

and she makes you think

you have one

that all these things will change her mind

her heart

and she'll love you again

but really,

she laughs

deep inside

where you can't hear

and it's aloud when you're not around

as she loves her other lover

the man you aren't

the man you can't be

the man she chooses over you

but as long as you continue

pay attention

give gifts make her feel loved

she will simply bask in the glory of being loved

she does not know the greatness of loving another

and as much as you try

she will never love you

but you're a stupid fool

and there's a silly hope in your heart

I'd wish you luck,

but I know better

she's the puppet master

and black widow

playing ever so deeply with your mind and heart

My advice to you

silly fool

is to cut those strings and fall down,

far away from her grasp

and her control

and run

as hard and as fast as your puppet legs can

or else you're doomed

to love and never be loved

not in the way you want to