"It Wasn't"

It was easy to tell you my name
My age
What I like to eat
Who my brothers were

It was easy to laugh at your jokes
Watch you act like people we knew
Think up ideas out of nowhere
Pretend we had super powers

It was easy to think you were just a friend
Pretend to hate you sometimes
Like all friends do
But I was being someone I wasn't

It was easy to call you everyday
Because you were my best friend
And I was your friend
And that's just what we'd do

It was easy to say I liked you
And you said it was cool
But that only lasted a month
And I'd stop after that

It was easy to see you meant something to me
More than any other person
But I would always deny it when you'd ask
And you wouldn't believe me

It was easy to fake how I felt
But knowing you didn't feel the same hurt
And I knew you never would
Because it would ruin our friendship

I was easy to cry about it
And wonder what was wrong with me
Why you didn't love me
And what could I do to change your mind

It was easy pretending to be happy
But smiling around you was a lie
Laughing with you became a joke
And I finally realized

It wasn't easy to love you
And it will never be