Here is a bouquet

Of yellow sunshine roses

To make the air you breathe


Here is the blade

That bleeds in its

Metallic gruesome shine

Remember the past

In its glory

In its downfall

Here is a moment

Captured in a snow globe

Envisioned as splinters

And sparkles

On the floor

As it is shaken

Here is my kiss

Thrown to you in an offhand


Will you catch it?

Here are the words

That you've never said

Written on a napkin

In a restaurant, left behind for someone else

To read in cheap flaky crayon letters

Written on my skin

Pale, sickly


Poison me

Here is a whisper


You'll never hear

That slips off my tongue

Tasting coppery blood

But it rolls into the chill


Here is my heart

Stained red

Stained glass

Color for you to gaze through

And my rose tinted glasses

Make the world easier on my eyes

Because my delicate pupils

Cannot reach around the cold harsh reality

Of life

Here is the end