What You've Done

Look at what you've done
Erased your name off this earth
Killed your only living son
Filled the rivers with spoiled dirt

This pile of ash you have created
Burned away all life with your bombs
Shot down the skylark with a gun, related
Killed civilization with tanks, your song

All the silence causes violence
Violence causes the world to stop smiling
Then the violence brings nothing but silence
Dead bodies they go on piling

This pile of bodies you burn into dust
Unintentionally you hurt the blameless
Break the world's rusted trust
You've become so numb, so painless

Your army consists of the living dead
So sick of fighting this nonsensical battle
To this river of blood your brother you led
You made the snakes hiss and rattle

The soils mix with your own blood
As your sister you watch slowly die
You shot her with a gun, dropped her in mud
Yet you kneel down and watch yourself cry

Ignoring, you continue fighting
Destroying more than you desire
It's the same as you throw bolts of lightning
It's not me in you head, not my fault, you liar!

What do the voices in your head say?
Every time you look out your window
Blaming you, contaminating you, go away
Destroyed your blood just to kill your foe