You Want It Your Way (But I Want It Mine)

You say I am a heathen to act like this

But I say God put rebellion in my veins

And this is why I cannot accept what is given

I am never satisfied with what scraps are thrown

All I have ever wanted

Was a voice to call my own

But you gag me

And you silence me with your fists

A slap in the face

You give me orders to follow

To be quiet and to listen to your blasphemy

That there is only your way

I reply in unison of my chorus of thoughts,

Do you want fries with that?

You say you cannot tolerate this sassy tone

I am just trying to tell you who I am

--Not you

I do not know what you think I am

Or why you hate every decision I make


Every incision upon my body

Is nothing but corruption of your baby girl

You would not like that thought at all

Or my blood on the wall

Still I am sure you would throw me a sponge

And a bucket

To clean up the mess I am starting

I do not think even you are that cruel

I am only sure you are saving my salvation

So you deprive me of my free will

By showing me that all my actions

Have dire consequences

I am sure God would have done the same

If He had not loved us enough to give us our gifts

But your intentions are lost upon the damned souls

Let me take my peaceful neutrality in peace

Because I know love is the only way to travel

So I hit the highway with my own signs and agenda

Because your way would have been so much worse than my own

I have my own compass for

I have felt God before

But according to you I will not anymore