Jessica shut the front door quietly, not wanting to draw attention. She knew her mother was awaiting her return, and she was dreading talking to her mom. She ran up the stairs, swift to jump over the hidden squeaky stair. She arrived in her room, locking her door and collapsing on her bed, a triumphant smile on her face.

Jessica Conner and her mom each held a deep grudge towards one another. Her mom loved Jessica when she was little and innocent. Jessica had a gorgeous voice, and could hit any pitch with perfection. She used to be in choir, the one who got all the solos and was a favorite of the teachers. Awards sat next to each other on Jessica's shelf, kept clean and center of attention by her mom. Jessica was no longer the sweet little daughter with the angelic voice.

Around the age of 13, Jessica joined a punk band with her friends, Jessica, of course, lead singer. For two years, Jessica slowly changed. Her clothes became black; her long silky blonde hair was colored with red and blue streaks, and black eyeliner curved around her dark brown eyes. Her band became her life, and she quit chorus, wanting only to sing the songs of her band.

That morning Jessica and her mom had another outburst. Jessica's mother began to complain to Jessica, wanting her to try out for the school musical. Jessica, a junior, wanted nothing to do with the play. Her mother got all prissy and once again started to argument of how 'you've changed, and what happened?' Jessica ran from the house, needing to get away from the voice that haunted her.

Jessica's smile melted away as she heard her name called. She rolled off the bed, groaning. She heard the stair squeak, signaling her mom's arrival. "Jessica Conner, We have to talk."

Jessica rolled her eyes. She had enough, and she wouldn't be able to take anymore. "Mom," Jessica started, the plan forming in her mind, "You are right, we do need to talk. Why don't you go downstairs, and make some tea. I will come down and we will have a long discussion." Jessica smiled, she used her most convincing and angelic, sweet voice. She waited to see if her mom would take the bait.

"Really? Okay! Let me go start the water!" Jessica bit her lip, holding in the laughter as she heard her mom practically race down the staircase. She grabbed her black shoulder bag and threw in some clothes. She held the bag up to her dresser and knocked in all her make-up. She opened the door and began to exit the room but stopped. She quickly stuffed in her CD player and a pack of batteries. She then grabbed a small hand bag, holding all her CD's. She smiled and left the room.

She heard her mother preparing the tea in the kitchen and Jessica opened the door, stepping from the house. She screamed as her foot stepped out the door. There was no flooring, no nothing, and she felt herself falling in nothingness.