"Keep your head down. No one knows you but the three Boleyn's!" Anne snapped, pinching her arm.

"Ow!" Jessica said, rubbing her arm. "Sorry, this place…it's so amazing!" Jessica admitted, she loved art, and the whole place was full of amazing portraits, and the walls were painted with gold…

"And soon to be mine! So stop!" Anne snapped again, pinching her arm again. Jessica glared at her and then rolled her eyes. Anne thought Jessica to be extremely immature. Jessica thought the very same about the snob.

"Oh! Anne, lay off our angel, she has no interest in King Henry," George said, intervening and stepping between them.

"She said she wasn't an angel George!"

"But all I see when I look to her is one," George said smoothly, looking to Jessica and smiling. Jessica smiled and her eyes flicked over to Anne, who looked pissed. Jessica smiled brighter.

"Where exactly are we going again?" Jessica asked once more,

"Queen's rooms first, the king will enter and invite us to go hunting with him. That is when we present you to him. But first, you face the Queen, Katherine." George reminded her,

"The old Spanish hag." Anne added, as Jessica watched George rolled his eyes, and then sent a smile to Anne.

"Your royal highness," George bowed, overly exaggerating. Jessica's eyes widened from the beauty of the room. The large window showered light into the room, where the Queen sat. She sat perfectly erect on a backless chair, and looked up from her sewing to look at George. She smiled to him, but Jessica could tell it was a fake smile; it looked rather familiar, as she thought about the argument with her mother. She had done it so many times to her mother, and heart began to ache with the thought of her home.

"Here are two Boleyn's, but where is the third? Who is this maiden?" The Queen asked, Jessica found her voice to be sugar-coated, sweet, but you could tell she wasn't happy to see her.

Anne bowed politely and turned to George. "Your highness, she is a maiden from a far away land. We have brought her to the court, as a gift to you and the king. She is a fool, by her voice, blessed by the angels!"

Katherine smiled, she was a devote Catholic and she welcomed the beautiful girl, whose looks she never recognized. She looked Italian, but her eyes made her look something else. The Queen waited patiently as the nervous girl was pushed towards her. Katherine coughed politely and she caught Anne pinch her sides. The girl dropped down into a curtsy and the Queen smiled once more.

"Welcome to the court… fool? I would surely need to have another name to call you." The Queen said, watching the awkward girl.

"I am Jessica Conner," She said quietly, her voice soft and sound.

"Where are you from? What is your parentage? Tell me about yourself child."

"She is from a small, recently discovered land. I apologize if her manners are piteous; she is unaccustomed from court, and our lives." George answered for Jessica, much to her relief.

"You say she is a fool?" The Queen asked, suspicious that the girl didn't answer for herself.

"I sing, but the songs I have learned, you may not be accustomed too. Well actually, the songs from where I am from, I think, would get me into trouble." Jessica admitted, and felt Anne's death stare on her back.

"Is that so? Do the songs speak of love? God?"

"Well, your majesty, some sing of love, but a love different from what you think. Some sing of heartbreak. Some sing of death, some sing of depression."

"Tell me, how is our love different from yours?" Katherine, her eyes sparkling in admiration of the girl. She spoke truthfully, and the child looked to her as a person, not he old Queen, or fake smiles.

"Where I am from, you fall in love many times. At my age, it happens quite frequently. You become attracted, and become close, sharing kisses and hugs. When you get older, into your 20's, you then think of marriage. And you find the one you love, the one that makes your heart ache, and you stay with him for your life."

"I do think young maiden, that you are more then a fool who sings. You are a fool of love." The Queen said with a smile.