The Magician Joseph here, and I hope you enjoy this poem as much as I do. It even rhymes. :3

Here this prison of mine

Life is so fine

Four walls to a endless carnival

And I sit here in my dark prison

Vivisecting ecstasy

Calling shit wealth

And truth filth

And you laugh a

And I laugh

Degrading the pure

Killing the poor

Laughing in this prison of mine

Red stains

On my hands

Dark stains

On my heart

Driven by the unknown

Forgetting what is known

And you scream

And we scream

Staring in eyes

While pissing our lies

Screaming in the prison of mine

We want to stop


We can't stop


Wearing masks is so fun

Dancing on knives

Wasting our lives

Laughing at the enlightened

While hiding our crimes

Then I vomit

Then you vomit

Spitting our blood in rivers

Feeding on flesh of cadavers

Vomiting in this prison of mine

In our decaying eyes

Are drawn flies

Thirst for blood the do sate

Damned to these chains

Fetters of fate

Slaves of our passions

Held to our flesh

Then you die

And I die

Dying in this prison of mine

Grizzly ghouls

Grizzly ghasts

Putrid flesh

Waiting grasp

Speaking riddles

Embracing cold

They cannibalize you

Then cannibalize me

Screaming for mercy

As teeth rend my flesh

Cannibalized in this prison of mine

So dark

So cold

All new

While none is old

And we speak of death

And we speak of decay

Of our last breath

That fateful day

They you rot

And I rot

Rotting away in this prison of mine

I've lied

I've cried

Murder's sleep

And I've died

You are al that's left

Fallen in your waiting embrace

And I comfort you

And you comfort me

Together at last

In prison

Yet free comforted in this prison of mine