Earth Mother's (gossamer) lace
stretches from (naked) limb to (naked) limb
waning crescent—
a faerie's perch
amongst the (star)dusted night
whispers linger within the air
of love, death, hope, and passion
spirits rise up—
taking lifeless leaves into the
lavender scented breeze,
giving (breathing)
its energy into their hollowed veins
ripples from a darkened pond
radiate gently—then become
one with the tranquil blue
fireflies (nature's lighthouses)
shine their beacons /in droves/
a brief glimpse of honeysuckle
and daffodils—golden
resting until the sphere
wakens them unto the new day
crickets play makeshift violins
as if—
beckoning the sun or
calling for an encore
(regardless) nature takes its course
the cycle never ending
and the world will
always break to a new day

A/N: The ending seems somewhat abrupt to me. But, I suppose that's just my opinion, others might feel differently. It's somewhat like my Crushed Pearls poem… something reminds me of it, anyway. There are supposed to be brackets around 'Earth' in the first line... but they don't work once I upload the poem.