the earth mother's gossamer
lace stretches from limb to
(naked) limb -- the waning
crescent, a faerie's perch
among the starstained night
whispers (stagnant) still-
thrashing against the current
the spirits ascend - taking
lifelacken leaves into the
lavender breezes giving
(breathing) energy through
hollowed veins --
radiating pond water, thick
with algae, smooths fresh-
water stones once jagged
fireflies shine beacons,
the dimlight guiding
gnomes to houses of tree
before dawn stretches
her fingers onto the
horizon --
quivering honeysuckle
and daffodills, golden
rest until crickets forego
their nightly sonatas

nature follows successive
pathways - neverending -
eyes awaiting hues spreading
across the blushing skies