My broken heart yearns to be repaired,
But hope is far away in this land of despair
Too much pride to plead for help
Too much destitution for lips to stay still

Your quick words fly into my defense
Guilt, manipulation, half-truths, hurt, and love
But I remain stoic, refusing to listen,
Thinking that I cannot give in, cannot lose this battle

If only I could swallow my pride, swallow these pills you offer
If only I could accept the hand you put forth
If only I could stop being me long enough to decide
If you truly mean what you say

But how can I possibly listen to you
When you speak of all I have done wrong?
If I blink or hesitate, I'm confirming you,
If I say nothing, I'm denying what is true

I want so desperately to be fixed, to fix this mess
So, in my own way, I try to apologize and take the pills

"Don't blink, don't speak, don't act afraid
Above all, do not be caught off guard," I think,

My mind is a jumbled mess, trying desperately to understand
But, you speak in metaphors I cannot possibly comprehend

Or, is it all just in my mind?

That's the question when you come right down to it...
When you're insane, can you really trust what you perceive?