I betray myself every time I turn around
I tell myself I'm going up, but I just go down
I say I'll do better, it can't possibly get worse
But it seems my mouth is my biggest curse

I try so hard to look into your hazel eyes
But guilt clouds my head, hiding amongst the lies
I open my mouth, struggling to keep it closed
But my mind refuses to follow what it's being told

I spew out curses, watching from another place
I see your chin drop, tears falling from your face
I can't possibly be doing this, destroying what I love,
But I go on and on, as your teary eyes look above

All I can think is, "I'm so sorry,"
But I already know it's too late
Heavy weight, my words carry
And I've already sealed my fate

I blink back tears as you walk away
Thinking desperately of something to say
Something to repair what I've done, but
You don't look back, as you walk into the setting sun