What you call society

I call intellectual conformity

Cynicism replaces honest criticism

Minorities defining majorities

Media exploitation of their diffusion of information

Lying about lies that haven't even been told yet

Seems everyone has an agenda and that's the only safe bet

Personal vendettas growing and twisting truth into lies

With nihilism becoming popular it is hardly a surprise

Well you can call me a wake up call if that's what you want

But I will tell you right now that I am not here to flaunt


It is in my soul and I want to share it with you

To throw some red into this world filled with blue

Shake you out of your meaningless craze

Fill your soul with something more than a thoughtless haze

It is past time that we started living

Forget your contentment filled empty existing

I challenge you now to seek out what is True

Reevaluate your notion of what defines you

There is one essential element of our reality

That defies all skepticism and smothers duality

In this world in which we all exist

There is one thing upon which all thoughts subsist


People twist it, change it, rearrange it, but it's still there

The most essential question is whether or not you care

Challenge what you thought you could trust

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust

Let lies and footholds burn away

Let only what's true actually hold sway

Let mental crutches fall to the floor

And accept that there is so much more

To the world than you thought you knew

For once just let your heart tell you what's True