Grandma's Haunted House

I have heard that people say

Ghosts and ghouls live and play

At my Grandma's big, old house,

But all I've seen is a little mouse.

Sure, the door creaks,

And part of the roof leaks.

You can hear its loud "drip-drops"

And its occasional "plip-plops."

She has creaking stairs,

And dusty chairs,

And an attic closed for years.

(Not to mention the ratty sheers.)

Do these noises mean

What I haven't seen,

That I've heard people say,

At Grandma's house, the ghosts play?

Plip-plop, plip-plop.

Drip-drop, drip-drop.

Thump, creak.

Thud, squeak.

Still, I hear, in the dark of night,

In the dead of night before the light,

A ghostly howl,

A fearful yowl.

I chills me to the bone

To hear his fearful moan,

Wishing I could help

Instead of listening to him yelp.

Now, I know it is true -

The attic is my clue -

What people whisper to each-other

(Everyone except my mother).

A squeaking door,

A creaking floor,

A mournful yowl,

And a ghostly howl.

At my Grandma's big, old house

Lives an adorable little mouse,

And in the attic above the stairs

Stay the ghosts with all their cares.

It's really true what people say

'Bout ghosts and ghouls that play

In my Grandma's big, old house

With the little mouse.