The Truth

You don't know who I am.

You don't take the time to know,

And don't bother lying,

Because I know you can't tell

That inside me, I'm dying.

I put on my smiles,

I put on my shows,

And nobody knows

How I'm really feeling.

It's gotten so bad

That I can fool myself

Into thinking that I'm not sad.

Happiness is my laughter,

And I'm easily amused,

But that only stops the pain

For a moment or two.

I walk down the hall,

And I smile at you,

But you don't notice

The truth behind my eyes.

The sadness fills my chest,

Damning up my dreams,

Builds up behind my eyes,

And comes out when I'm alone.

The tears roll down my cheeks

And drip onto my shirt,

But I will never tell

How much I really hurt.