Darkness has shrouded me
Since the day I was born
No one loves me
No one wants me

I am alone in this world
I am solitary, antisocial
That's how I grew up

Do I deserve the pain I've felt?
Why can't I cry?
Why do people dislike me?
Why was I born?

There are those who wish to help me
People call them friends
What's it like to have a friend?
I don't know

I've never known what it's like to be human
To feel what it's like to be sad
To feel what it's like to be happy
To feel what it's like to be loved

People wonder why I'm aggressive
Why I push everyone away
I don't know how to interact with humans
I wasn't raised to be one

I am afraid
Afraid of the darkness that will engulf me
Afraid of destroying those who are close to me
Afraid of destroying myself

Yet I continue to fight the darkness within
I don't know why
I'll die alone
Will anyone notice?

I am getting weaker now
The darkness shall control me
But still I continue to fight
Because there are people who believe in me

I'll give it my all
I'll become stronger
With strength from my friends
And fight 'til the bitter end

Now I see a light
Someone wishes to help me
To help me fight the darkness
That's deep inside

My friend, my love
Has given me love, given me hope
Protects me, comforts me
Has made me human

I have won the battle
But not the war
The darkness shall return
And my friend shall be at my side