By Trang An

I have a crush on you
But you don't know it
When I met you for the first time
I fell in love

Everyday, I keep hoping
That you'd look my way
And feel the same
But to no avail

For the next 11 years,
I'd continue searching for you
Longing for your eyes to look into mine
But you don't know it

When we had classes together
I'd always look your way
Hoping you'd see me
But it never happened

I never cared if you had a girlfriend of your own
'Cause every time I see you
The world disappears
And we're alone together

I hear that
"The longest love,
Is the love that is never returned"
Could it be true?

I've had a harsh past
And couldn't face rejection
Everyday I wanted to say, "I love you"
But I was too afraid

I only wished to be with you
And then, maybe then
I'll say, "I love you"
Yet, I was still scared

Now our school years are coming to an end
And I have yet to let you know how I feel
I try to summon the courage to tell you
Alas, fear overtakes me

Now it's our final year in the same school
I try to confess my love to you
But then, I lost my nerve
And you left my life untouched

Years later, as I walk in a park
I see your smiling face
And long for your eyes to meet mine
For now, we were the best of friends

You were alone
And so was I
I tell you "I love you"
And you say…