My Weakness


I'm not a puppet
Nor am I a doll
It takes a few steps
Before I fall

One eye is fallen
The other eye blind
Dry tears may fall
But they're hard to find

I'm not controlled
Nor am I held down
It takes a lot
To have weakness found

Tie me to a chair
Bind me tightly to death
I won't stop fighting
Until my last breath

I'm not broken
Nor am I shattered
Look back on pain
Like none of it mattered

Damage to pride
Wound to my soul
Never can you break me
From my whole

I'm not in love
Nor am I infatuated
Only fools do such a thing
Only to have hopes faded

Half a heart broken
Other half shattered
I won't look back on love
Because none of this mattered

I was your puppet
And I was your doll
It took just a second
For me to break a fall

I was controlled
And I was held down
You were the weakness
The only one I found

I'm almost broken
And just about shattered
I look back on this pain
And every minute mattered

I was in love
I was infatuated
I was a fool to do such
And my hope has faded