Autumn Sky

Black tears darken the sky,

As it slowly begins to rain,

As the crimson leaves fly about,

They reflect all of mankind's pain.

And as the autumn sky darkens,

The wind whispers about,

The silent souls of those who've died,

And of those that are without.

The shadows lengthen rhythmically,

As if by some alarm.

The darkness swallows everything.

None is spared from harm.

The people start to shiver,

Their walls are falling down,

All they knew that once was good,

Seems to fracture without a sound.

The echoes of their sorrow,

Reach deep within my soul,

The fact that they have no tomorrow,

Is what chills me to the bone.

My eyes are worn and hollowed,

From all that I have seen,

And for all my strength and wisdom

I cannot intervene.

The aging trees watch in wonder,

At all the fermenting hate,

What happened to my earth's splendor?

Is my minds frantic debate.

The people are lost and starving

Many sick and dead,

The death toll still is rising,

The pain is in my head.

I watch with all the angels,

As this great race slowly dies,

The death of my own creations,

Starts to make me cry.

They said they fought for peace,

For quiet and resolve.

What is this endless dying for?

What does this fighting solve?

And I sit in all my splendor,

My worlds been wrought in two.

I cant save these people from themselves,

That's something only they can do.

And now black tears darken my eye,

As I witness an end to all this pain.

The leaves blow about in the Autumn sky,

As it slowly starts to rain.