Food Wars

My friends and I were thinking one day, thinking about what would happen if our high school sold the popular Asian teen beverage known as boba, tea drinks containing chewy and sweet tapioca balls. We also added milk bags our school had experimented with. (It was basically an experiment determining if bags of milk can replace cartons of milk. Didn't go very well.) This was what came to my mind.


It was another nice day at DR high school. It was lunchtime and as usual, Tracy and her friends went to their usual table in the cafeteria. It looks like it was going to be the same as every other day. Until…

"What the heck is that?" exclaims Rita, pointing to a food item in Tracy's express line box lunch.

In the Asian girl's box were a couple of small burgers, a cup of 'tator tots, and the usual napkin, straw, and spork in a plastic wrap. But the strangest and newest thing in her box was a plastic bag filled with milk. Tim comes over and pokes at the unusual food item with his finger.

"How the heck are you supposed to drink out of that?" he wonders.

"I don't know," replies Tracy. "I guess you treat it like a Capri Sun pouch and poke the straw into it."

She takes out the small straw out of the utensils plastic wrap and tries to figure out a proper spot on the milk bag to insert it into. Unfortunately, the problem wasn't the bag; it was the straw. The straw had no sharp cut at the end so it was flat on both ends. Scratching her head to think, Tracy suddenly comes up with an idea and in no time she manages to insert her dull-ended straw into the milk bag.

"You're crazy, Tracy," noted another friend, Robert.

"How does it taste?" asks Priscilla as Tracy took a sip.

"Kinda weird," answers Tracy. "Who made this stuff up? NASA?"

"Most likely," responds Jon.

"This is too odd for my taste," commented Tracy, putting the milk bag down.

Suddenly, a mini-burger comes flying down onto the group's table. Everyone watches as the food item went splat onto the table's wooden surface. Tracy and her friends look at the deformed perishable in shock. They knew what was coming next.

"Food fight!"

Almost immediately everyone grabs hold of their food and starts tossing them at the opposite half of the cafeteria. Taking another person's unused milk bag, Tracy stabs a straw into it and throws the entire thing at the opposition.

"Fire in the hole!" she cries out.

The milk bag explodes with laughable force, spraying everyone within range with its cold tasty contents. Just then, Tracy looks over to her friend Robert, who suddenly goes down dramatically.

"Robert, what's wrong?" she asks him.

"I've been hit," Robert shouts back like a soldier who has fallen in battle.

Tracy crawls over to her friend to see what he has been hit by. Soon enough, she discovers a food substance that's she has only seen on occasion.

"They've got tapioca balls!" she shouts out to her friends.

Her friends Rita and Tim are curled up into human balls, trying to avoid getting involved in the food fight. Jon and Robert on the other hand were more than happy to participate in such a school activity.

"Fire in the hole!" Tracy cries out after stabbing two more milk bags with straws and throwing them at the opposition.

The milk bags make contact with the concrete floor, spraying about ten people with milk. Robert gets up off the floor and starts running towards the opposition like the warriors in Braveheart, waving a spork around and yelling out his battle cry. Suddenly, he goes down after being struck by a wave of tapioca balls. He falls to the floor very dramatically as Jon rushes over in slow motion.

"You… must… go on… without me," Robert coughs in pretend.

"No one gets left behind," declares Jon dramatically.

Just then, a straw-pierced milk bag splatters near them, coating them in milk.

"Noooooo!" Tracy yells out in slow motion.

The food war went on until no sizable food was left to be thrown. Tracy and her friends quickly got out of the cafeteria before the principal and the rest of the administrators come in to give people detentions.


Not that great, but pretty humorous.