Smoke filled the crumbling, domed arena. Thick clumps of dirt filled her lungs as she inhaled, tears framed her violet eyes as some slid down her dirt covered face.

"I trusted you," she whispered hoarsely. Silence. "I TRUSTED YOU!" she screamed again into the smoke.

"Trust is only a lie." Came the voice from behind the smoke.

Sweat slid down her face as she startled from her dream. Horrible memories of her past sprung back to life every time her eyes closed. She could not shut them out; she could not lock them away. But there had to be a reason why they were occurring more frequently. But what?

Grabbing her black cloak, she pulled it on a stepped out of the small wooden hut. The cold winds of the barren mud land sent shivers down her spine. For years she had lived among the mud people, grateful that they had taken her in. Everyone knew that the mud people were very suspicious of foreigners, but they had trusted her, and that was all she needed.

But those words still rang through her head. "Trust is only a lie." No, it couldn't, it wasn't…. or was it? Was trust just a lie? It had certainly been proven to her, but she couldn't even trust herself.

Silently she made her way to the house of the elders, the tallest hut placed in the center of the village. Ancient symbols written in the blood of their defeated enemies adorned the outside. No windows were created with the building; they said that it was because the darkness gave them room to spread out within the spirit world. A fence of rope of red braids and paper charms circled the building; it was the area where the spirits traveled in the human world. If you stepped inside the rope, you would be lost forever.

The brown cloth doors parted as one of the elders motioned her to come in. The room smelled of sandalwood. A small blue flame flickered in the center. The elders sat in a semicircle around it, their eyes staring at her through the darkness.

"Your dreams, they are occurring frequently aren't they?" came a deep voice from the darkness. She nodded as she seated her self before them and the flame.

"Amazing, the power of dreams." Said one

"Perplexing as well." Said another.

"Silence." Kapito bellowed. Kapito was the eldest of all elders. Alive for two centuries, he was surely the wisest and strongest of all. Kapito was able to pass into the spirit world with a blink of his eyes. The spirits trusted him, and he trusted them. Trust, it is only a lie

"Your dreams are of your past are they not, Nevadas?" Nev nodded. He closed his eyes, and exhaled slowly. "You will have to face them sooner or later." He finally said.

"I will not." She said sternly.

"You must. If you do not, our world will fall to the darkness of the mists. You must trust…"

"Trust is only a lie." She cut in, her voice sharper than ice. "I trust no one."

Kapito remained silent as he stared at her, his old graying eyes staring down into her own darkness. "Nevadas, I would like to speak with you privately."

Nevadas walked beside Kapito through the village.

"You've seen my dreams haven't you?" she said coldly.

"Yes. Trust is not a lie Nevadas."

"If you've seen my dreams, you would know that trust is a lie."

"You can't hold onto the past forever Nev."

"Watch me."

Kapito stopped and stared at her. He had seen her dreams and he understood why she despised the word trust, but if she didn't trust anyone, how did she know that they wouldn't hurt her. As his thoughts went on, he froze. Whispers filled his senses, voices called out to him.

Nev was about to wake him when a large commotion echoed through out the village. Shouts were cried and children screamed. Nev ran past Kapito and out towards the outskirts of the village. There she saw the village border warriors attacking something… As she got closer she found out that it wasn't a thing, it was a person…a man.

"Stop!" she shouted angrily. The warriors froze and looked up at Nev. Nev knew better than to attack the Mud People, they were known for their strength and skill despite their short size, but she knew that what they were doing was wrong.

They took their attention off the man and turned to her, ready to attack. Nev placed a hand on the sword by her side, and glared at them from beneath the darkness of her hood. They charged her. Quickly she side stepped to the right and hit the closest warrior in the back of the head with the butt of her sword. She twirled around and sliced the upper arm of the next one beside her. Crouching down low, she swung her leg around and knocked another down.

She readied herself for more when Kapito walked out. "Stop!" Nev froze, as did the other men.

"You young men will be punished. You know better than to attack an innocent person even though they trespass on our land. They are to be brought to the elders immediately!" Kapito said. Nev watched him and clearly she could tell that he was angry.

He motioned for them to be taken away. Kapito stepped forward and bent down towards the young man. He was clearly unconscious and bleeding. Kapito stood and said, "Nev, you will take him to your hut and tend to him. I must deal with these so called warriors."

Strangely the sky began to darken even faster. Thunder rolled in the distance and rain began to fall from the sky. Nev, with the help of some others, carried the young man to her small hut near the elders building.

She closed the wooden door and looked down at the man. He had a strong, handsome looking face; dark brown hair adorned his tan face, bangs freely hanging over his closed eyes.

Blood stained his dark blue shirt and face. Slowly she eased the cotton shirt off and brought over a bowl of warm water. Gently she dabbed the cloth on his wounds. He flinched but didn't wake.

As she wound the white fabric around the wounds, she noticed the slight red in his face. Her hand rested a few moments on his forehead and realized that he was running a fever. Quickly she grabbed a clean cloth and wet it with cold water before placing it on his forehead.

The night wore on and the rain didn't let up. She could hear it splash against the clay tile roof. Finally she removed the black cloak and leaned against the wall near the fire. She rested her arm against her upright knee.

She walked alone in the garden. Her silver dress shined brightly under the moon that peaked through the leaves. Slowly she made her way towards the sound of falling water. As she emerged from the forest like garden, she saw him sitting there on the edge of the marble fountain. He looked up and smiled, his dark blue eyes sparkling at her. She smiled, her hand clasped around a small object.

"My love." He said as he outstretched his hand to her.

Slowly she made her way, her heart beating faster than ever. For once, they could truly be together…forever…