It's the emptiness inside

It's the wounds that don't heal

It's remembering

It's the pain you still feel

It's the water pounding you

Reminding you you're still alive

It's not caring

Your will to live has no drive

It's the pain you caused

Your friends and family

It's the scars that don't let you forget

It's the memory

It's getting better

But not quite being there yet

It's realizing what you've done

It's the regret

It's the flashbacks in the shower

Of the yelling, pain, and the blood

It's the song on the radio

That causes your eyes to flood

It's the thought of losing

One of the reasons you're still here

It's the want for someone to hold you

Someone to draw you near

It's the little things

That pull you back to where you were

The fact that you still hurt

And there may never be a cure

It's the big things that keep you

From going back there

The promises you've made

The people who care