Chapter 1

The wolves clawed at the cage trying to escape. The alpha male, Sil, barked a command to his pack as he realized that it was useless to keep trying to get out that way. The human guards watching shivered as the canines fell silent.

"Gods, I don't know what they did to those mutts, but it gives me the creeps, ya know?"

"Shh! They're looking at us! They act too smart for animals. I don't know what the docs did to them, or why they are keeping them alive. I wish that they would just kill them already!" The other one said, shuddering as two of the wolves gave him a dark look.

Just then, a set of door opened and three more guards walked in the room, carrying a struggling, kicking, screaming girl. She was cursing up a storm as the guard who had first spoken opened another door leading to a laboratory. Seeing where the door led to, the girl went limp, acting possum until the guard holding her arms relaxed his grip. It was a bad mistake as the girl bit he hand as hard as she could.

"Shit! You little-" he started, interrupted as a voice chided him.

" Now, now, Drake, we shouldn't call the young lady such names, especially considering the company in the cage. The won't like that very much." The wolves growled as they heard the old man's voice. They didn't like him at all, no one did, even those who worked for him.

"And you, girl, should behave better, considering that I hold your family's lives in my hand. Now can't you be a little more pleasant?"

"Go to hell!" She said, snapping at him.

"Tisk, tisk, can't you be more original than that? You will help me on this little project, or else, well, you don't want your siblings to get hurt, now, do you?" the man said, placing his fingers under her chin, " I mean, after all, you are the best geneticist around, or so they say."

" You bastard, you think that I believe that you actually have my siblings here-" she started, paling as he pushed a button revealing a cage with two young children in it.


"Oh, yes, I do have them right here and as you can see, there are a few, let's say, surprises if you don't do as I say in store for them. You will help me, or else they will pay the consequences. Do we have an understanding?"

The girl sighed in defeat, " I surrender. I'll do what ever you want, just don't hurt my siblings."

"That's better, Miss Sintar. Now was that so hard?" Dr. Dagnir said, looking triumphant.

He missed the look that Rin gave him, one that few ever saw. The only other person to see it was dead now. She wasn't one to set things like what was going on aside lightly.

Rin turned and looked away, not knowing how to hide her anger. Her siblings were quite possibly the most important thing in the world to her and now this man threatened them. She would do what ever it took to keep them safe, at least until she could find a way out for them. She could care less about what happened to her.

Dr. Dagnir motioned for Rin to follow him into the lab. She followed, stiff and sensing that there was evil to an extreme in this place. It gave her the creeps.

"I hope that you aren't thinking about attacking me. It would be a bad idea, as your brother and sister are just a push of a button from being killed. Come, I will show you to your new quarters. They should suit you."

"Hn." Was all she said in response. She was already thinking of an escape plan. It just won't come into effect any time soon. That was always the problem with any plan they took time.

"Here is the computer that you will be using. I hope it is fast enough for you. Else I might think that you are planning something that you shouldn't. You might want to think about that if you are wise."

With that the doctor left, leaving Rin alone in her room. She turned on the computer and cheeked it. It was monitored. Just what she needed. She would have to figure out how to get around that.

The tired girl settled down to sleep on the bed, pulling up the stiff, hospital issue blanket around her shoulders. She didn't want to think about what Dr. Dagnir wanted her to do. The thought of what it could be made her shudder.