Shang and the others sat on the bed while Marina and Damon sat on the chairs around the table in the hotel room. They observed each other, weighing the information that each had told the other. Singularly, the bits of information didn't make much sense, but combined they fit together like a giant puzzle, even though many of the pieces were still missing.

It was frightening. The Wolves of Montana were aware of something going on at a facility about a day's drive out of Helena, but couldn't find out what it was. They were watching it to see if there was anything valuable to steal or use in anyway. All they had found out about the place was that it housed several wolves, genetic equipment, and was independently generated so that the compound didn't rely on anything other than its own power. That, and it was built like a fortress and often had a lot of rotten meat thrown out or burned. It almost seemed a military institute, but a weapons company from outside the U.S privately funded it. The guards were 24/7 and there was always the computer security system.

Combining that with the message that Rin had sent, it seemed that the place was a modern Frankenstein lab. Add to the facts that Rin was one of the top genetic scientists in her generation and was one of the few that knew how to splice human genes with animal genes, it didn't look too good. None of them knew exactly what might be going on, but it didn't look good.

"So…Do we try to storm the castle and rescue Rin and her siblings? Or do we come up with another plan that might work a little better?" Wayne asked, trying to figure out how this was going to work.

"There is a third option: you small timers give up and forget about your little friend." Damon said, having been one of the ones that had been posted on duty to watch the compound numerous times and thought that the whole thing was a fool's hope.

He was met with glares from all in the room. "Okay, okay! I just thought I should warn you that the place is locked tight! I've tried to get close, but a guard found me and I almost blew the operation."

"Yeah, I remember." Marina stated quietly. "Look, even though I don't want Damon's pessimistic words to be right, he does have a point when he says that this place is almost impenetrable. The only reason I think that you six might have a chance is because I've seen your record and I know that you've never been caught in the act of stealing. If anyone can get into that accursed place, it's your gang."

"So, are we leaving tomorrow?" Thomas asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yeah, we need to start our own observations of this place. I only wish that we could get a message to Rin to tell her that help is on its way." Shang replied before turning to the Wolves, "You'll take us there, right?"

"Yeah, and we'll help in any way that we can." Marina said, standing and walking over to the window, looking out at the storm rushing in. "We may just have scratched the surface of what's going on there and I want to stop it."

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