I sail along this sea desperately trying
to avoid a storm, but inevitably one hits
and I use all my strength
in an attempt to survive

The storm passes as all storms do
and give way to calmer water
Still the fear of harsherstorms
looms in my mind

Sometimes the moon
is the only light in my darkness
and other times it laughs at me
as I shiver alone in the freezing wind

Sometimes the sun's warmth
comforts me as I watch its beautiful colors
and other times it scorches me
and leaves me to suffer

I sail along this water
sometimes cautiously
and other times
with bravery and courage

but throughout all my sailing
I am searching frantically
and longing passionately
for the answers

A/N: I actually think this might be one of my best poems... anyhow I wanted to let y'all know that this might be my last poem for awhile... I'm having some emotional problems and I need to work them out... and I don't know what's gonna happen while I do that.. I'll try to get up with reviewing but if I can't I'm sorry! Who knows maybe I'll find myself subconciously writing poems and if so I'll post them, but I'm just letting you know what's going on so you don't think I died or something...anyhow thanks so much for all the poeple who have reviewed me and helped me.

So long