It is the near future. Historians like to call it the War's Era. Billions upon billions have died in past wars. Though it was evacuated in time, Earth and the Sol System have been destroyed in an immense shockwave. Three-fourths of all United Alliance territory was also destroyed in the wave. As of now, the Alliance still struggles to recover from its immense losses. It's star fleet is weak, it's government in disarray. The chances of survival are slim.

Seven years ago, an Alliance geneticist named William Richardson secretly established a lab on a derelict space station. He kidnaped thirty humans for his experiments, one of them Talon Page, the Alliance Commander of the Jack Talisand Trade and Marketing Outpost, and injected them all with genetic enhancements; enhancements that, if implemented successfully, would improve their five senses. Instead, in eighty-seven percent of the subjects, the purine chemicals of the DNA were altered and bonded to the wrong pyrimidine partners. As a result, the DNA structure started to breakdown. Twenty-four of the thirty subjects were killed. The other six survived, their enhancements having bonded correctly, and lived with their senses enhanced for the rest of their lives. Talon, however, was not amongst this group of thirty. He was separated from them, and put into Phase Two of Richardson's experiments: limited physical enhancements.

Alliance Intelligence, however, discovered Richardson's lab and stopped him just after he wrote down his results. The lab was destroyed and the results disintegrated. Intelligence then dug deep, searching for anymore experiments and labs Richardson had set up, but found nothing. Convinced and satisfied, Intelligence concluded that they had stopped Richardson's experiments for good, and closed the book on the matter. They never found out about Phase Two, and Richardson's accomplices continued with the experimentations.

Talon and seven others were injected with half of their intended drugs, as a test. Then, like with Phase One, the enhancements caused the DNA to breakdown, and six out of the seven subjects in Phase Two were killed. All except for Talon Page, who was altered forever.

One day after the completion of Phase Two, a group of pirates on the run took refuge on the new station. They killed the doctors, who managed to destroy the results and the experiment and tried to capture Talon. Talon, though still not knowing what was going on, managed to escape and return to Talisand station. His memory returned to him over the next few months, and he soon realized exactly what he was. Two years after the experimentations, Talon's former first officer, Cara Chester, was about to be put to death for a crime she didn't commit. When Talon tried to stop it and failed, he went rogue, resigning from the Alliance, wherein after he used his enhancements to forcefully rescue Cara from the execution, and eventually managed to clear her of her crime and prove her innocence. He then started a new career as a bounty hunter.

Talon is now the most famous bounty hunter in both the underworld and the galaxy. One of the best ever. He has been eluding the Alliance, whose search forces are lead by the arrogant and relentless Captain Michael Wanold, Talon's Alliance rival. And there are large factions of the underworld that would like his head on a platter. Nevertheless, he has survived.

Now, a new faction is rising in the underworld; a faction strong enough to stand against the Alliance. Their first target is Myrpadyr, an Alliance mining colony on the fringe of known space that has become nearly forgotten.