A Slightly Depressing Journey through a Depression

In London, it was rather cold to say the least, however, to my relief, it wasn't windy at all and yesterday's rain had abated. We left London in due time, and as we were entering Reading, some drizzle commenced, accompanied by a noticeable southerly wind. My father stated that when we approach the edge of Hampshire, we would be getting something to eat and drink. Once we arrived at the small café, the rain was noticeably more intense, and the wind had changed direction, as my hair so kindly informed me when we clambered out of the car. Nevertheless, not all was bad; by the time we arrived in Dorset, the cloud had cleared a little, the rain had stopped, and it was clearly warmer. However, it was still somewhat windy; an exuberant fluorescent wind sock announced that the wind was blowing in a westerly direction. We continued to drive, but, alas, the car decided to 'conveniently' break down as we were approaching the borders of Devon. The rain there was almost torrential and the temperature had dropped to near-freezing. The sky was thick with grey, dense cloud. My father managed, eventually, to contact the RAC and after about half an hour of waiting, the car was examined, deemed to be too faulty to drive, and towed away. We were driven to Penzance where the rain had abated a little. Unfortunately, it was still very cold with a north-westerly wind, as the abundance of brightly-coloured, frantic wind socks informed me.