I'm sorry I'm not who you want me to be. I'm sorry I'm not pretty or worthy. I'm sorry that I'm just a disappointment. But I cannot be everything you want and still be me. It's impossible. I'm sorry I am ugly and clingy. I am sorry for sacrificing everything I own for you. I'm sorry for putting myself last and putting you first. To my reflection; I'm sorry, but these bloodstained lips can no longer speak. And these tearful eyes can no longer look at you. Unless I see the truth; unless I see who you really are; see me for what I am; shattered. Shattered. Why am I writing to a beat in my head in my head? And why would you care? I'm better off dead. You see me for what I am; shattered. Broken. How can you love someone who's so broken; so lonesome? I don't blame you for not wanting me, but I want someone to try. Don't leave me alone in the cold. Eyes through a misty window, pleading for another chance. I can be perfect. I can be perfect. I can be perfect if you just give me a chance. I can be everything you want. I just want to be noticed. Noticed by you. Wintery winds in your eyes. I can build a fire if you just give me a chance. Don't push me away. Let me stay here with you. I won't let you down. But then again I can't blame you for not wanting me, because I'm not good enough. I'm not strong enough to support myself without you. But I'm not what you asked for. I'm so repulsive, so undeniably worthless. I don't deserve it, all I want is just to have someone to hold. I didn't think it was that much to ask. And apparently it is. But it's ok. I'm too worthless to ask for anything. And we both know it. Am I crying out for help or just releasing all this pain? Can you help me? Can you even see my face? Are you there? Can you hear me? Am I all alone? Are you a lost soul too? Come and hither around this pool of blood. This pool of blood.

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