Chapter 1: Crazy

Amy was your normal teenage girl. She was seventeen and had just gotten her G2. She was working hard in school and at her part time job, while spending the rest of her time hanging out with her best friend.

It was an ordinary Monday morning in early autumn. Cold and rainy. Amy woke up at the sound of her alarm and groaned. She didn't want to go to school. Sighing she left her warm bed and headed downstairs to take her shower. Once she was clean she made herself breakfast, got dressed, brushed her teeth, applied make-up, made her lunch and went outside to wait for the bus. She brought an umbrella because she didn't want to get her blouse all wet. It was white and part of her school uniform. Navy skirt or pants, white blouse or collared shirt, white or navy socks, black shoes and the blazer was optional. Amy wasn't particularly enamoured of the whole outfit, but it was mandatory so she had to wear it.

The bus came trundling up the street and stopped right in front of her. Amy close her umbrella, got on and sat in her usual place near the back. She was staring out the window as the bus sped up and then slowed to pick up another student. The girl ignored everything around her until a voice asked. "Is anyone sitting here?"

Amy looked up to see a boy who looked to be about her age standing in front of her. His black hair was damp from the rain and his hazel eyes matched the smile on his lips. He was really cute and Amy flushed a little. Most of the guys at her school ignored her. "I'm sorry but this is Conant's seat. His stop is the last one."

The boy smiled again. "Well how about I sit here until he gets on? I'm new and don't know anyone yet. My name's Sahen Terrow. What's yours?"

Amy couldn't help but smile back. "I'm Amy Corwin. What grade are you in?"

Sahen obviously took this as an invitation to sit because that's exactly what he did. "Grade twelve. I just transferred here from Toronto."

"That's cool we're in the same grade. I hope you don't find Merrybrook too boring. It is a pretty small town."

The new boy laughed. "I like small towns. Quieter and friendlier."

"So what home form are you in?"

"Twelve D. You?"

"Twelve C. What courses did you pick?"

"Intro to Calculus, U Chemistry, U Biology, U Physics, U English, Geometry, Ancient Civilizations and Photography."

Amy shuddered. "Good luck with all that Math. I hate math. I took U Chemistry, U English, Sculpture, Photography, World History, Geography, Writer's Craft and Anthropology. Maybe we'll be in some classes together."

Sahen smiled. "I hope so. You're the nicest person I've met so far."

Amy blushed and was saved from having to answer when her best friend got on the bus. "There's Conant, so you're going to have to move now."

"Alright. I'll see you around."

Conant glanced at Sahen and then at Amy. "Who was that?"

"New kid. His name's Sahen. Transferred from Toronto and doesn't know anyone so he asked to sit with me. I told him it was alright so long as he got up once you got on."

Her friend shook his head causing his shaggy brown hair to swing which in turn caused water to spray all over the place. "Ah! Conant watch it. You're hair's all wet!"

Conant smiled sheepishly. "Sorry about that. So anything interesting happen since last week?"

"Not really, except my parents said they had to talk to me about something after school today."

"Huh. Nothing bad I hope?"

Amy shrugged. "Well I haven't done anything so I'm assuming no."

"So how long do you think it will take this new boy to realize you're one of the outcasts?"

"Thanks a lot Conant." Amy told him. "In case you hadn't noticed you fall into that category as well."

"Of course I know that. I'm friends with you aren't I?"

This prompted Amy to punch his shoulder before replying. "I'd say he knows by now considering he's sitting with Cheryl." The girl had glanced around and had found Sahen sitting with the school's biggest flirt and slut Cheryl.

"Ah well if he cares about your status he mustn't have been that nice of a guy to begin with." Conant intoned solemnly.

Amy rolled her eyes. "You're awful you know that."

"Well yeah. You tell me like every day."

"Of all the people I could have been friends with, why am I stuck with you?"

"Just lucky I guess."

"You're incorrigible."

Conant laughed but their conversation was cut off because they'd just arrived at school. Amy looked up at the four-story red brick building that was her school and sighed. Another year of the same classrooms, the same gossip and the same people. Sometimes Amy wished her life was more exciting.

Conant and Amy split up heading to their respective home forms to get their schedules and locker numbers. They'd meet up at lunch if they didn't have any classes together.

And so Amy found herself with World History, Photography, Anthropology and Chemistry. Conant wasn't in her History class but he was in her Photography class along with Sahen.

"Alright class I want you to split yourselves up into groups of three." The aged Mrs. Stephenson called out.

Amy and Conant just stood together and waited for whoever found themselves without partners to join their group. That's generally what happened, but not this time. "Do you mind if I join?" Sahen asked the two of them.

"Sure." Amy replied while Conant said nothing. He didn't like this new boy.

"Now these will be your groups for the first month. If after a month you want to change you're welcome to. Now today we're going to begin by reviewing the equipment, safety procedures and the rules of this class." All the students groaned. This is not what they wanted to do.

Sahen and Amy chatted about this and that while Conant occasionally made cutting remarks, mostly to Sahen.

The class ended and they split up heading for their lockers and then the cafeteria. Amy got there first and sat down at her and Conant's normal end of the third from left table. Conant appeared shortly after and they began swapping things from their lunches. Amy hated bologna sandwiches while Conant loved them. Conant hated peanut butter sandwiches but Amy liked them so they switched almost every day.

Slowly the cafeteria filled and much to Conant's disgust Sahen decided to sit with them. "Hello! What do you guys have next?" he asked as he sat down.

"Anthro and Chemistry." Amy replied.

"Anthro and English." Conant admitted reluctantly.

"I've got Biology and Chemistry. Looks like I'll be in your class then Amy." Sahen said with a smile.

"Oh once you meet Mr. Blackwood you'll wish you'd been placed in the other Chemistry class. He's one of the hardest markers in the whole school."

"Really? Oh well. At least I'll have someone I know in the class."

Amy laughed. "Well I don't think it'll take long for you to make plenty of friends. I believe most of the girls here would love to get to know you better."

Sahen made a face. "I found that out first period. They're like vultures."

Conant laughed so hard while drinking his pop that it came out his nose causing the other two to break up into helpless laughter. After that, Conant seemed to warm up to Sahen a bit. Not a lot but he stopped making cutting remarks all the time.

Amy said goodbye to the boys and headed to the washroom. When she got out she found a group of girls waiting for her. Cheryl's group of friends to be precise.

"What's going on between you and Sahen?" Cheryl demanded, tossing her red dyed hair over one shoulder.

"Nothing. He's new and seems to enjoy mine and Conant's company. Not that it's any concern of yours."

"It is our concern when you start trying to cuddle up to the new guy. God only knows what you're telling him." Cheryl's best friend or clone depending on you asked, Tracie replied.

"What that you and your friends are a bunch of stuck-up whores who think you own this school? No I haven't told him that but maybe I should. He needs the warning if you've come to threaten me."

"You little bitch!" Cheryl hissed.

"Oh no, the queen slut thinks I'm a bitch. Whatever shall I do?" Amy said sarcastically before turning and heading down the hall.

Cheryl grabbed her arm and spun her around. "You had best watch your mouth if you want to keep your face intact."

"I'm sorry my mouth isn't big enough for me to watch. Yours might be, but not everyone is a freak of nature like you."

"You. . . You. . . You little whore!"

"My, my this does look like a cozy conversation but Amy's going to be late for Anthro if you don't let her go so you'll have to continue this later." Conant said.

Cheryl whirled around to glare at him but dropped Amy's arm nonetheless. She might be a bitch to all the girls in school but she rarely demonstrated this in front of boys lest she lose her carefully cultivated front of sweetness.

Once Cheryl and her friends had slunk off, Conant asked. "So why were they harassing you?"

"Sahen. Seem to be under the mistaken impression that he hangs out with us because he's going out with me."

Conant snorted. "Idiots."

"Yeah I know."

The rest of that day passed normally enough. Conant and Amy sat together during Anthro while Amy sat with Sahen during Chemistry, ignoring the glares from Cheryl's group. She couldn't care less what they thought.

With all the events of that day swirling through her head, Amy completely forgot about her parents wanting to speak with her until she found them waiting for her in the kitchen.

"Amy your father and I have something important to tell you. We waited until we thought you were old enough to deal with it and we believe you're ready to know now."

"What are you talking about?" Amy asked confused. Her parents had to be the most ordinary people on the planet.

Her mother exchanged a glance with her father. "Well you see Amy, your father and I are mages."