A fisherman at the docks heard a loud mewling behind him. He sighed. Though he was covered in fish guts, he had barely caught three fish-that was under the Regulation amount, he thought with another, larger sigh-and did not dare to feed the cat behind him for fear of not having food on the table.

He turned around and scratched the tabby's head, a dangerous thing to do since cats were Illegal Items and its hairs were getting all over him. "Sorry, kits," he murmured fondly, "but I don't have enough to feed you."

The cat mewled rather angrily at this and, more flippant than usual today, pounced on his bucket with the three miniscule fish swimming around frantically in it. It sat there, as if to tauntingly say, 'What're you going to do now?'

The fisherman frowned. "Sorry again, kits, but that's mine." The tabby brooded a bit about this before gingerly stepping out of the basket. He sighed a bit more, realizing he sounded like a melodramatic teenager. The Overseer would be furious at him, absolutely livid, for bringing in less than five. He would have his Privilege stripped from him for a week.

The cat, now soaked up to its belly, nuzzled his face. He glanced back at the bucket. It only had about half the water it had started with in it. He sighed and, using the cup he usually drank his own water with, filled the bucket up some more.

He picked the cat up from his face and scratched it behind the ears and under its chin fondly. "Scientists these days," he muttered. "The Regulations make it illegal for them to get any type of animal except fish, so they make us catch them alive." The cat purred as his hands rubbed its belly. "Now we don't even get to eat fish, 'cause the scientists are using up every fish we catch." Of course, all of these things were a given that everyone knew, but what the hell-it was just a stupid cat. A strange cat that liked the water, but all the same, a cat.

The cat jumped up and skittered off quickly. The fisherman shook his head, wondering what had made this unusually intelligent cat run off.

The cat watched sadly as the unusually stupid fisherman tried in vain to catch another fish. Damn. He was the only fisherman stupid enough to feed a cat-not to mention an extremely smart one-and not wonder if it was a Trans. It turned around and quickly became a human with blue eyes and brown hair. Oh well. There was still the farmer stupid enough to feed an unusually smart rabbit…