I am the girl

You left behind you

I am the one

You used

I am the one

You laughed at

I am the one

You abused

I am the one

You left bruises on

I am the one

You pushed down

I am the one

You got sick of

I am the one

That fell to the ground

I am the one

You made cry

Over and over again

And I am the one

You feel guilty for

When you confess to all of your sins

I am the one

You made this way

I am the one

You hurt

I am the one

That felt your hand

I am the one

You cursed

I am the one

You think of now

When you're all alone

And afraid

You wonder can God love

You anymore

You wonder

Will you be saved?

Pray then

Pray to Him

Tell him all your guilty sins

But I will never forgive you

I will never forget

I don't care if you're sorry

I don't care if you regret

I don't care about anything

Besides moving on

I just thought you should know

About the girl

You used to trample on

She used to be happy

She used to smile

But she hasn't been carefree

Or done that in a while

She used to be brave

And so unafraid

But now she can barely sleep in the dark

And she never will recover

From what you did to her heart

She used to believe in love

Used to believe in what's right

But nothing wasn't right

About what you did that night

She used to be okay

She used to be free

But now, I'm not her

And she's not me

I am

A shadow of what I used to be

And all, because of

What you did to me

So tell me, do you feel clean?

Do you feel better?

Do you feel redeemed?

Because no matter how many

Hail Mary's you say

What you did

Won't go away

I hope it haunts you till the day

You die

Because my day's past

And you know why........