A fortnight

I ache deep inside

too long has the moon

looked upon my tear stained face

when will you arrive?

my knight,

to dry these tears and carry me away

from this evil place

of evil step-mothers of blood

and sisters of mirror image

when will you come on your

ship of hopes and dreams

and carry me far, far away from this place

to other seas and other skies

I wait here in my tower

high above the world

Down the road I see a shadow

is it you?

My love?

Do you at last return


why do you journey so far

away from me

take me with you

I do not need much

just to be saved

by my dark knight

with strength and power

and a grace

I beckon you with solemn prayer

my black knight

when will you return

and break this spell

break this curse

and take me away

ride into the sunset

and be happy forever after

my knight

save me

before I realize my own strength

and save myself