Why do I let it bother me so?
All of it.
All of them.
Just push it out
push them out
and build the wall
built good
built it well
and they won't touch you anymore
but then comes the rain
tears and sweat
melting all the bricks
that were so carefully placed
to keep them out
keep them away
my walls are destroyed
my defenses are gone
and they come pouring back in
push hard
but it's useless
and I will drown
with the hate and anger
they fill me with
why can't I build it well,
well enough
to keep me safe
keep me sane
keep me from felling such guilt
such pain
But I'll try again
this time
put the hate and the anger
into each little stone
make it strong
make it hard
make it cold
built it up,
bit by bit
and maybe it will hold
but no
the hate and anger crash onto me
killing me inside
and here I layforgotten
as the walls I built left me
to the world I wish to leave
the world I left
and now the world I wish nothing more
than to reenter
and be granted happiness
among those who once crashed down these walls
that failed me so many times.
Build it up
come crashing down
all is lost