The claws of winter grasp the fading land
The inevitable end of autumn near at hand
Coloured leaves drift lazily to the ground
And cover the dying grass without a sound
The summer birds fly south to seek the heat
Rather than stay to face the blizzard's fleet
Caves and deep burrows become occupied
An end to the fall, the frosty winter has spied
The snow-laden clouds gather and dump their load
And create a sudden snap of wintry cold
The land, in a single blink, becomes pure white
Frosty patterns created everywhere in sight
Now snowflakes, not dying leaves, float around
Gently setting on the frost covered ground
Pale sunlight reflects faintly off the snow
Creating simply a soft wintertime glow
So quiet everything has suddenly become
Within the cruel winter's kingdom
And so this way all things shall remain
Until the coming of spring once again