I let the darkness kiss my skin,

Embracing my chilly figure,

The wind tussles my hair a bit,

I am a silent loner in the night,

Silhouetted in the sunset,

A mystery.

A full, rich whinny rings through the barn,

My hard face shows a flicker of emotion,

The powerful sound could only belong to one,

My one,

My only.

I approach, my footsteps carefully placed on the hard ground,

My eyes spill over a bit as I reach the door,

I stand, gazing lovingly at my baby,

I have made no noise, but he hears,

The rhythms of my dying heart.

He comes to me, I reach out,

But my hand shies away,

Afraid, for it knows, to love is to hurt,

But he is persistent and I give in,

My arms leap to push open the door.

I bury my face in his neck,

Letting my cries of heartbreak,

Echo into him,

Letting my tears of love,

Flow over him.

He stands, consoling, loving,

His eyes meet mine,

The only one who loves me back.