Can't hold it inside anymore, feels like a demon is haunting me, stalking me.

Can't keep it inside anymore, wanna scream it out, hear you out.

Can't keep doing this, its killing me.

My soul is withering away at this point.

I gotta stop soon or this pain will become numb and I wont be able to fix it.

Gotta stop soon because I'm falling too fast; too soon.

Can't keep going the pain is too much too take.

The thought of change kills me inside, I don't know why.

I love you too much to let you go, but I hate the thought of you and me, it brings me to my knees.

Gotta stop soon...going to fast.

I'm at my breaking point now, gotta leave this state of mind.

Your killing me slowly with every breath you take for another soul.

Gotta stop soon, going too fast.