Dreams of Home

I read the morning newspaper today

Written in black and white was the things

The things that are going on in the world

Murders, wars, rapes, thievery, and many terrible things

They are happening every day

Death and sickness is going on all around me

And my heart grows saddened

But then I look to the blue clear sky

And I pray that God will come for His children soon

"Come and rescue you us from this place of trials and troubles"

I whisper to the open sky

When I see all the terrible troubles going on around me

When I see death and pain

It makes me want to go home

To go to heaven to be with God

I can almost hear Gabriel's trumpet sound

I can almost hear Jesus say

"Come up hither my children!"

Oh how I long for that day!

When I shall go up into the sky to meet my Jesus

When I shall walk through those pearly gates

When I shall walk by His side along the streets of gold

I long for the day when I can look upon His face

The face of the One who saved me and loves me

All the cares of this world will be gone

All the tears and sufferings will fade away

Forever will we be with Jesus in Heaven

Heaven is my dream

It is my main goal and desire

To be with my Jesus in Heaven

I'm so homesick for it

And it makes me stronger when I think about it

Things may be hard down here

Things may get hopeless down here

But I have a hope in someone

He will rescue me in the end

And take me to His heaven

These are my dreams

My dreams of home