He was good at what he did,

they'd all say as he passed,

often the weak had hid,

as he walked on to class.

A boy so full of fear,

but pretends the monsters aren't there,

even with the threat so clear,

almost as if he never cared.

He'll never admit he's wrong,

when the the facts may push him down,

even when the path is long,

insisting that a way will be found.

and yet he was so full of fear,

but all he did was sit and stare,

even whith the threat so clear,

a blank face told us he never cared.

He'll take everything you possess,

if you decide to let him down,

and sudenly he'll obsess,

your dreams he must drown.

but don't mistake his fear,

of the monsters allways there,

for a conscience that is clear,

because he will never care.