By Jamie Thomas Durbin

Personal Commentary: The weirdest things can inspire poetry. These "Breakfast
Poems", as I call them, are intended to illustrate this. This was all inspired,
believe it or not, by cooking some bacon before an exam... and yes, in case you
hadn't guessed, this is a "joke" poem.

Twelve meaty rashers,
Each a weighty thesis,
Spitting and sparking in the oils and fats of their own debates...

A healthy omelette,
Which came first is pondered as the egg's yolk hardens.
Which goes last was settled at yestereve's dinner.

As things are pondered,
The toast that was placed (by me, or a shadow of me?)
burns, a smelly testament to the horrors of man's theft of fire.

The fire alarm goes off,
and is quickly silenced,
Much, no doubt, like those whose voices go against the grain, I think.
I weep for them, before returning to personal concerns.

But pondering is set aside,
As a cup of coffee prepares me for what is going to be a long.
And boring.