By Jamie Thomas Durbin

Personal Commentary: Another of my "Breakfast Poems" (A Philosopher's Breakfast
being another...), this is quite simply an ode to the joys of just cooking and
eating, in an attempt to forget about all the troubles we face...

There is nothing, I feel,
More relaxing than a good meal cooked.
The sizzle and spark of the food as it fries
Or the hum as the microwave goes its merry way.

Personal pains are forgotten as I concentrate only on my coming meal.

Watching, with practiced eyes,
The colour of the bacon rashers,
Blissfully and mindlessly turning them over
Seeing only my food, tasting it before it hits my palate.

Exams are forgotten, in the snap and sizzle of breakfast.

Lost in my Nirvana,
I crunch and salivate slowly,
Already looking forward to the time
When I get to cook my next meal.

I recommend this, as personal therapy.
That is, if stuffing your face isn't good enough.