You still sit at home,

And reflect on your past,

While we all grow up,

And leave our past at last.

We all hang around,

And live until we die,

We only say 'see you',

And never say 'goodbye'.

We never stop to shake a hand,

We always hug instead,

For what are friends for,

If you can't press against.

When it gets to cold at night,

We all would snuggle up,

Hold each other until mornings break,

And sleep in with some luck.

Yet you still sit at home,

Reading that damned book,

Do you really think you're not missing out?

Listen, take a look.

Can't you see the friendships made?

And the bonds to never break?

Can't you see the smiles on us?

And all we give and never take.

Can't you hear the laughter?

When at night you try to dream,

You know were out partying,

More fun than it does seem.

Why can't you put that book down?

I'll pay for your bus,

It's only a buck eighty,

It's not too much of a fuss.

Why can't you see the trust we have,

I've made so many friends,

They mean so much to me,

And will be there until the end.

Why don't you want the same as me?

Why are you happy all alone?

How can you just sit there?

When we're never at home.

Why must you have an excuse to party?

And why do you always judge,

It shouldn't matter if I drink,

Long as I know when I've had enough.

I'm just getting sick and tired,

Of what you put me through,

It's only one dollar eighty,

To do what we do.

By Siobhan

Date: 29/November/2004