Save Me

I sit here

Looking at the

Parallel lines

Running down my arms,

The blood stained tissue,

The blood stained clothes,

And the blade

Sitting by the sink,

I think is this, my solace,

Do I need to do this?

Just to feel, anything at

This point is fine with me,

I don't care if it

Hurts, as long as I

Can feel, and believe me

That's such a big deal,

Ten lines running across

My right arm, blood

Encrusted, and altogether

Sore, just so sore,

Why do you not notice?

The change in my mood

Or even in my face,

It's not hiding,

How come I appear,

To be the same,

To you anyway, why

Can't you see I'm different?

I need you to

Notice me, to care

For me and just to

Save me, please,

Why can't you see?

That I'm cutting now,

Hurting myself, to see how

Much I bleed.

To see the red,

Pumping in unison with

The beat of my

Heart, so bright.

I just need you to

Notice, that I'm in

Pain and would love,

To be saved.

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