It Was Only Fun

We fight all the time,

Its fun were only messing,

You get physical, I don't mind

As long as its only fun,

You slap me around,

But its only fun

You kick me all the time

But it's only fun,

You pull my hair and

Sometimes it hurts but

We laugh and I know its

Only a game we play,

You grab my hands

And restrain me from

The fight, your stronger,

I'm not as tough,

I manage to get free

And we mess I play

Hit, not hurting of

Coarse, coz you're my daddy,

I eventually get stronger,

Tougher, you play harder

I can match your

Strength this time.

Were sitting on the couch,

Bitching and moaning at

Each other, hitting and

Insulting, but its all play,

You whack my hand,

I swear one day I'll

Punch you and then you won't

Think me weak.

So you restrain my hands,

But I get free, eventually,

You laugh, thinking what

Could I do, coz I'm only a girl,

I bring my hand back,

You don't see it coming,

Smack, right in the nose,

You don't know what's hit you.

I laugh thinking it's only fun,

But you don't see it that

Way, you look at me as if

I'm not your daughter anymore,

But why daddy, why,

Do you look at me so?

You hurt me everyday,

But I don't let it show.

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