Little Girl

I sneak my bag

From you,

Keeping it hidden,

Keeping it concealed,

I go to the

Bathroom sitting

On the floor,

Treasuring the next moments,

I pull it out,

Ready to do damage,

Shimmering off the

Sunlight coming in,

I pull up my sleeve

Old ones fading slowly,

New ones still bright

And sore as hell.

I feel the cold against

My skin, how wonderful

I feel the rush within

My head, how wonderful,

I put pressure

Where needed, back and

Forth, back and forth,

Until I see the plentiful flow,

But oh, no

It won't stop,

I panic, with


I blot it with

Tissue, but that

Just stalls it,

Panic taking over,

Breathing getting hoarse,

Heart racing, head

Spinning, and life

Essence going down the drain,

I sit there praying,

Hoping it will stop,

I didn't mean to

Go that far, never

When you find me

What will you say?

Something like, stupid,

Stupid, little girl,

Or will you even

Give a shit, that

I won't see the

Next day.

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