Sweet Release

I'm sorry for what I did,

I never meant to hurt you,

But I never knew you cared,

So much anyways,

But why did you

Have to act like

That, I would have

Given you anything,

My soul if needs be,

I love you, and that

Will never change, I don't know

why you had to do that,

Why couldn't you just deal?

Like me, I told you and

Now its like you don't

Even know me,

I can't take it back,

With all that I've done

Don't you realise this isn't

Fun, especially for me,

You're driving me insane

With all these questions,

Don't you realise, I have

No answers, not even for myself,

Don't you think I

Ask the same one's

Over and over again

Till I'm crying,

I have no answers

And I don't think I

Ever will, no matter

How long I think.

I'm glad for you're

Support, but you're suffocating

Me, I can't breathe under

The weight of you and you're feelings

I consider them and

Appreciate them, but I can't

Keep, making you feel good

I need to start on me,

I love that you care,

And always want to share,

But I need to find my own,

Sweet release.

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